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Holy cow, you found your way to my brand new blog! Welcome. First, a little bit about myself: I’m a developer working mainly on Java EE stuff at a health care software company. After hours, I’m a free and open source software enthusiast and contributor. Linux is my OS of choice at home and work. (Credit turnover in IT for letting that one fly.) I consume tech news in unhealthy doses, and I’m hoping this blog will give me a better outlet for spewing commentary than muttering to myself on Twitter. I’m particularly interested in security and privacy to the extent they still exist. I like cats and the number 6.

My plan is to offer tips and opinions on the topics that interest me and hopefully some of you. You can expect to see posts on programming; the Java, Linux, and open source ecosystems; current tech news; and security. As I get more experienced at this, maybe I’ll gain more focus, maybe not. But I’ll try my best to offer something interesting, entertaining, and occasionally thought-provoking without letting my ignorance shine through too much. If I’ve done my job, maybe you’ll come back again some day! And that would be great.

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